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Lear acquires V2X company Arada Systems

Lear Corporation, a leading global supplier of automotive seating and electrical distribution systems, has acquired Arada Systems, a Troy, Michigan-based automotive technology company that specializes in Vehicle-to-Vehicle and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2X) communications.

Lear is a leader in managing power and distributing signals within a vehicle. The acquisition of Arada Systems, in addition to our recent acquisition of technology from Autonet Mobile, adds software and hardware capabilities to our portfolio to securely facilitate wireless communications between the vehicle and external networks, as well as other vehicles. We see excellent growth opportunities for our Electrical business as the connectivity mega-trend drives increased requirements for data and signal management to meet rapidly growing demand for more connectivity and communication features in vehicles.

—Matt Simoncini, Lear president and CEO

Arada Systems has developed V2X software and hardware solutions utilizing its expertise in 5.9 GHz dedicated short-range communications and other wireless communications protocols, notably GPS. Arada has developed software solutions to ensure highly secure V2X communications and defend against cyber-security attacks. Arada’s V2X products include its LocoMate series of roadside units for infrastructure and on-board units for vehicles.

Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.


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