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Toyota Mirai receives the ARBÖ 2015 Environmental Award in Austria

The Austrian automobile club ARBÖ (Auto-Motor und Radfahrerverbund Österreiche) has awarded the Toyota Mirai with the “2015 Environmental Award”. The jury consisted of ARBÖ automotive experts.

If we want to secure the future of the automobile as flexible, personal and clean transport for the next 100 years, we need to consider which energy can power our cars tomorrow. At Toyota, we believe that various technologies will co-exist, ranging from EVs to hybrids to the most innovative of all, the fuel cell car. Mirai is a core component of Toyota’s vision for a sustainable mobility society, one that allows us all to move freely in comfort and safety in an environmentally friendly, sustainable manner.

—Gerald Killmann, Vice President R&D of Toyota Motor Europe

In 1999, the first Toyota Prius was awarded the Environmental Award by ARBÖ for its pioneering hybrid technology, followed by the Prius Plug-in Hybrid in 2012.



Toyota has been a leader in many new technologies. Will it soon take a leading position in Solid States batteries and extended range affordable BEVs?

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