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Cella Energy and Herakles sign memorandum of understanding to develop hydrogen-based power systems for aerospace

Solid-state hydrogen storage company Cella Energy (earlier post) and the French aerospace Herakles (Safran) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to define the principles which will govern a five-year exclusive cooperation plan which will kick-off at the conclusion of a long-term development agreement based on Cella Energy’s solid-state hydrogen power systems for use on aircraft.

These lightweight, emission-free systems will provide electrical power on-board aircraft, which would otherwise come from jet fuel.

Over the last year, Cella Energy and Herakles have been working together to prove the feasibility of using Cella's hydrogen storage material for aerospace applications.

The material is lightweight and stable in air and avoids the need to use high-pressures, all of which help to overcome the logistics and safety hurdles that hydrogen has to surmount to be acceptable in the aerospace sector.

Herakles, a Safran company, designs, develops, produces and sells solid rocket motors, energetic materials and equipment, and thermostructural and organic composite materials. Herakles provides products and services for a number of applications, including strategic and tactical missiles, launch vehicles, civil and military aircraft, automotive safety systems and tooling for manufacturers.


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