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Report: Sony working on high-capacity Li-S, Mg-S batteries, targeting commercialization in 2020

Sony is developing high-capacity Li-Sulfur and Mg-Sulfur batteries, with a targeted commercialization date of 2020 according to a report in Nikkei Technology.

Sony is targeting a 40% increase in volumetric capacity to 1,000 Wh/l, according to the report, and will initially target the smartphone market. Other applications, including mobile devices and robots, will follow.

Sony introduced the world’s first commercial lithium-ion battery in 1991.



Marketing did a study and has recommended to management that they schedule an invention. The bean counters are upset because more money will need to be spent on research, which they know doesn't make any money. Anyway, marketing, management, and the bean counters will call the shots. The researchers are just fodder to be used by more important people.

Great news. Not very many battery manufacturers with more credibility or experience than Sony. Very auspicious signal on the future of battery tech.


Agree with e-c-i-c. Sony has recently jointed with Québec Hydro to produce (via a new battery Company) 40-ft transportable containers with 1.5 MW to 2.5MW fixed ESS, to stabilize power grids with high percentage of REs and maximize their use.


If they are projecting commercialisation of 1,000 Wh/L cells by 2020, it means they've already achieved at least that in lab-scale cells today. Very encouraging news for the do-ability of LiS and MgS.

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