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Semcon developing autonomous vehicle system in Brazil

Semcon and a global automotive partner have signed a new contract for autonomous vehicles. The assignment is mainly based in Brazil as part of Semcon’s global strategy to involve expertise in high-tech development projects from different countries.

The new agreement will initially consist of ten specialists from Semcon in Brazil and four in Europe engaged in a joint development project in close cooperation with the customer. Most of the assignment went to Brazil because of Semcon’s experience of coordinating projects in various places around the world and access to local skills in Brazil.

By moving parts of the project the customer can also benefit from lower tax through the Brazilian support scheme for the automotive industry, Inovar Auto. In this way we are helping to reduce the customer´s costs while providing additional expertise.

—Markus Granlund, Semcon’s President and CEO

Semcon has been in Brazil since 2006 and now has 180 employees there. The new project includes software development related to autonomous driving, run from the office in São Paolo.


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