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US Navy issues solicitation to lease 400-600 electric vehicles

The US Navy has issued a solicitation (N62473-16-R-1002) with the intent to award one contract to lease between 400 and 600 100% electric vehicles for use at the Navy and Marine Corps installations located in California.

Services to be performed under the resulting contract may include the following Facilities Support (FSC) Services: passenger vehicle leasing, providing web-based telematics services, roadside assistance services, and preventative maintenance services.

This is an unrestricted procurement—any size business may submit a proposal. The basic contract period will be for 12 months, with two (2) 12-month options for a total maximum duration of 36 months.



The US military in general has embraced green technology. I think they correctly assume it is a matter of security in source of energy and a benefit to logistics. The US consumer appears to like the war on terror and thus hates the biofuels, EVs and other things that would free them from their apparent fear. One must therefore assume that the American consumer is a masochist that likes fear and hopes to preserve the terrorist as a means to get the fear that they so much desire. Okay, I suppose that the American consumer could simply be ignorant dummies who have no clue and just buy what they are told. Too bad we have a nation that cannot act in it's own best interest because of the masochistic dummies.

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