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HARMAN introduces range of connected vehicle technologies and Microsoft partnership at CES

HARMAN International Industries made a number of connected vehicle technology announcements during CES 2016 last week, including a connected car computing platform, demonstrated in the Rinspeed Σtos concept car; an advanced navigation system with live data fusion; an open cloud-based software delivery system; and a new partnership with Microsoft. The company also introduced the first pupil-based driver monitoring system.

Connected car computing platform. HARMAN’s Life-Enhancing Intelligent Vehicle Solution (LIVS) integrates previously discreet or separate connectivity and operational domains under a new, holistic automotive computing platform. HARMAN says that LIVS is the industry’s most complete end-to-end system to provide drivers intelligent, adaptable and personal solutions in the car. HARMAN demonstrated LIVS applied in the latest Rinspeed concept car—Σtos—at CES 2016.

LIVS pulls together a number of elements from HARMAN:

  • Scalable compute platforms adapted individually to the needs of automakers and vehicle segments.

  • Modular connectivity solutions, providing high-speed networking interface for connectivity both inside and outside the car and can deliver connected services such as weather, parking and reservations.

  • Camera-based Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), which monitor, record and assess the surroundings of the entire vehicle.

  • Intelligent learning navigation and high-resolution 3D maps for high-precision positioning systems including micro-city and micro-parking models; ADASIS e-Horizon to extend drivers’ range of perception beyond their range of vision using V2X technology.

  • Personal component configuration in the car with multiple ultra-high resolution displays that can be used in varying configurations to support the best infotainment and entertainment intelligent use case scenarios; LIVS helps the Σtos raise the visual user experience to an unprecedented level with two curved, ultrahigh-resolution 4K 21.5-inch widescreen monitors and a central HD display that present relevant information to the driver and his or her copilots.

  • Complete office suite for autonomous vehicle mode, which affords the same level of productivity as a stationary office including one-touch video conferencing.

  • The comprehensive HARMAN 5+1 safety architecture with hypervisor and firewall as an indispensable basis for all technologies and services, including OTA (Over the Air) update capabilities, which helps to protect the connected car from outside threats such as hackers.

Navigation system. The advanced navigation system is a connected computer platform solution that combines data intelligence with premium navigation, integrating route guidance instructions with connected safety information via a combination of embedded and cloud-based services.

Leveraging the cloud to provide network-wide machine learning capability, HARMAN will now have the ability to create dynamic map layers on top of standard supplier-based maps to deliver the most personalized and accurate route guidance experience. HARMAN’s advanced navigation solution is fully customizable to receive any type of sensor data from the car: GPS, gyroscope, accelerometer, LiDAR, camera, etc. Using advanced on-board map localization algorithms, HARMAN can upload an important part of the data collected to a backend server.

HARMAN’s cloud data intelligence server is scalable to support millions of simultaneous transactions. Applying deep learning spatial techniques, HARMAN offers network-wide insights on what is different and what is relevant for each and every participating vehicle via continuous, lightweight dynamic map updates. For example, the solution informs cars within a certain area about an approaching emergency vehicle so the driver can proactively yield or assist to remedy a life-threatening situation.

Leveraging HARMAN’s industry best Over-the-Air Navigation Data Standard (OTA NDS) incremental updates technology, HARMAN’s latest solution provides a flexible and highly efficient dynamic map update distribution framework that can enable critical content delivery. By understanding more about what is ahead on the road, drivers can make critical decisions faster, helping to improve road safety. Through the advanced navigation solution, the car will receive real-time information about speed limits, traffic lights, dangerous road conditions and even high-risk behavior of surrounding vehicles, which can then be distributed to any driver assistance subsystem using standard based solutions such as ADASIS. In addition, this real-time information can provide drivers data about available parking spots nearby on the road or in the parking-garage.

As every car becomes connected, the ability to leverage distributed intelligence from the Internet of Cars (IoC) becomes a reality. At HARMAN we’re passionate about using this increasing amount of data produced by connected vehicles and blending it with intelligent navigation to make the driving experience safer and easier. With the new advanced navigation platform, we are able to offer a unique end-to-end solution that uses machine and deep learning algorithms to understand behaviors and provide useful information for drivers.

—Phil Eyler, president, HARMAN Connected Car Division

The solution is available to automotive manufactures immediately.

Open cloud-based service delivery platform. The cloud-based service delivery platform allows automakers and service providers to introduce and deploy new enterprise cloud services to connected vehicles. This new platform is the latest offering from HARMAN that targets the existing and future demands for scalability, security, and flexibility in the provisioning of connected car services for automakers and their customers.

HARMAN’s Service Delivery Platform enables the launch of a variety of services including new software features after vehicle sale, vehicle data to predict part failures, forecasting for preventative maintenance, and analysis of warranty claims. It is a framework with a collection of core services, third-party services and management features, fully integrated with vehicle systems and updated seamlessly over the air.

HARMAN Service Delivery Platform includes a collection of managed and SAAS services available to automakers, including, but not limited to:

  • OTA Campaign Management
  • Vehicle Diagnostics
  • Remote Control
  • Connected Infotainment
  • Connected Navigation

Among the first new service providers for HARMAN Service Delivery Platform is HERE. Automakers can now deploy HERE Real Time Transport Protocol Experts Group (TPEG) Traffic through the HARMAN Platform. HERE Real Time TPEG Traffic delivers up to the minute information about traffic conditions and incidents that could cause delays, including slower than normal traffic flow, road works and accidents, improving the accuracy of arrival times.

HARMAN’s Service Delivery Platform is available now.

Microsoft. HARMAN’s connected car partnership with Microsoft will introduce new mobile productivity services, as well as utilize existing products, services and technologies, including cloud platforms, telematics and driver productivity, to offer better convenience, safety and reliability for drivers and greater operating efficiency for auto manufacturers. The collaboration will integrate key elements of Microsoft Office 365 productivity suite capabilities into HARMAN infotainment systems.

This collaboration is a first for Microsoft in the connected car space and represents a new emphasis on productivity within the car. With access to relevant Office 365 services through intelligent personal assistant software, drivers can complete tasks without compromising safety, including scheduling meetings, hearing and responding to emails, automatically joining conference calls without having to manually input the phone number and passcode, and seamlessly managing events and tasks throughout the day. Drivers will also be able to hold Skype calls and conferences when in park, or on the road with autonomous vehicles. In addition, with HARMAN’s over-the-air (OTA) incremental update capabilities, the most current version of Office 365 will always be accessible to drivers.

Pupil-based driver monitoring system. HARMAN’s new proprietary eye and pupil tracking system measures high cognitive load and mental multitasking in the driver’s seat, and signals the car’s other safety systems to adapt to the driver’s state. The technology represents a major step forward in the domain of Advanced Safety and Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS) for vehicles.

Adoption of in-cabin cameras is growing rapidly, enabling features such as occupant detection and driver drowsiness monitoring. With the introduction of high cognitive load detection, HARMAN’s eye and pupil tracking technology brings additional value to the driver-facing camera. The technology eliminates the need for complex sensors built into seats and steering wheels, or biometric sensors that require physical contact with the driver.

This camera continually captures the driver’s pupil dilation, and a proprietary software algorithm analyzes the pupil reflex using advanced filtering and signal processing. The filter isolates and identifies responses triggered by high cognitive load. The calculated outputs are used to adjust user interfaces intuitively—for example, placing mobile devices in do-not-disturb mode or adjusting ADAS system intervention thresholds to minimize physical and mental distraction to the driver.


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