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Cal Energy awards nearly $700K to Andromeda Power for smart fast-charging system for EVs

The California Energy Commission has awarded a $681,693 grant (Agreement EPC- 15-015) to Andromeda Power, LLC to develop a smart, fast-charging system for electric vehicles. The system will enhance the integration of plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) into the electricity grid using real time monitors and controls efficiently to enable automated demand response.

Smart charging, unlike incentivized charging, requires real-time communication with, or active dispatch by the utility, Independent System Operator (ISO), or third party PEV service provider. PEV charging or discharging must be scheduled based on pricing or signals received from third parties (utilities, system operators, or PEV service providers) and the PEV driver’s mobility requirements or preferences.

Smart charging will be optimized to reduce fluctuations in the grid and absorb excess renewable generation while economically benefitting PEV owners. The communication interface to the grid must work with PEV of any standard to guarantee interoperability.

Andromeda’s grid communication interface operates with a virtual machine able to interface PEVs of any standard. The real time monitor and control of the stations will provide a means of quick Automatic Demand Response (ADR) to the California Electrical Investor Owned Utilities.



How smart and how fast?

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