DOE to award $12M to two companies to further next-generation nuclear reactor designs
DOE to award up to $15M for Advancements In Algal Biomass Yield, Phase 2



China may already have reached the top EV sale position at the end of 2015 with over 150,000 EV/year.

Current year (2016) may see China way ahead of EU and USA with 200,000 to 250,000 EVs, if generous subsidies and local EV production are maintained.


It's amazing the progress that can be attained when a Government understands "Necessity is the Mother of Invention." In this case China's capital is being smothered by the 'smog of progress' and they are moving to alleviate the same mistakes it's taken us a half century realize. But, they are progressing while we are still trying to get by the fossil fuel lobby bloc.


Money is all powerful in our part of the world.

So do guns, coal, oil, NG, ICEVs, CPPs, etc.

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