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Mammoet switches Dutch operations to Shell GTL fuel

Mammoet, the world’s largest service provider specializing in engineered heavy lifting and transport will use cleaner-burning Shell gas-to-liquids (GTL) fuel to power all its cranes and trucks in the Netherlands. The switch is expected to reduce emissions and help improve local air quality as well as lowering noise levels compared with conventional diesel.

Shell GTL Fuel is an alternative fuel for use in diesel engines, which can lower local emissions (e.g. particulate matter, NOx, hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide).

It can be used in existing heavy-duty diesel vehicles without modifications, allowing for easy switchover from diesel fuel with no infrastructure investment required. Shell GTL Fuel is already in daily use with commercial fleets in Germany and the Netherlands.

Shell GTL Fuel has broadly similar physical characteristics to diesel derived from crude oil, but it has a much higher cetane number, a higher mass calorific value, lower levels of sulphur and aromatics, and a lower density.

Mammoet is the first company in its industry to power its equipment in the Netherlands with Shell GTL Fuel. The company will start introducing this cleaner-burning fuel in heavy-lifting and transport equipment from January 2016.

Shell GTL Fuel will be available at three Mammoet locations: Schiedam, Velsen-Noord and Geleen. Mammoet operates 200 cranes, 50 trucks in the Netherlands. The "oliecentrale", the biggest distributor of Shell fuels and lubricants in the Netherlands, will provide GTL at the permanent working locations of Mammoet.


Henry Gibson

DME and CNG and autogas and LNG deserve some interest in this regards later when it can be shown that some modifications are worth it. Hydraulic hybrid modifications are also to be considered worthy. ..HG..


GTL is suppose to be not possible and if possible not something we should do according to some. It IS being done by Shell, Neste and others quite successfully. You will never hear those that wetr wrong admit it.

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