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The 10,000th Dürr painting robot is being deployed to Opel in Spain. The EcoRP E033 model will apply the primer coat on various Opel car bodies in Zaragoza. Dürr will deliver two primer stations with 16 painting robots and three stations for rocker panel coating to the automobile manufacturer.

Dürr’s first RP7 robots were delivered to Nissan in Spain in 1998, where they proved their worth with high painting quality, fast color changes and great process reliability. They more than halved the material consumption—and therefore the costs for disposal and recycling—compared to the previously employed machinery. Dürr produced its 5,000th in 2011; it took only five years to sell the next 5,000.

In the summer of 2015, Dürr already delivered twelve robots for the base coat line and eight robots for two-tone roof painting and repair painting to Zaragoza for this purpose.

Primer paint was previously applied at Opel with machines that have been in use for many years and are no longer flexible enough to adapt to today’s car body geometries.

After modification, the process with the EcoRP E033 robots will be much more flexible and efficient. The Dürr application equipment installed on robot arm 2 will also save on paint, solvents and flushing media, thereby reducing unit costs and making a contribution to eco-friendly production.

—Dr. Hans Schumacher, head of the Dürr Division Application Technology

EcoBell3 E atomizers will replace the existing voltage block systems with tank equipment. The new atomizers with exterior charging apply the water-borne primer paint very uniformly. At the same time, the EcoMCC3 color changer with its A/B technology in combination with the two EcoPump 9 metering pumps and separate main atomizer needles ensures very fast primer color changes in less than six seconds.

The scope of supply will be supplemented by three stations for door rocker panel coating. This coating will be applied with EcoGun 1D and EcoGun MD applicators. It protects the vehicle from stone chipping and corrosion. Dürr will also modernize the material supply system, booths, paint recesses and conveyor systems. Furthermore, Dürr has also taken on the tasks of dismantling the existing machinery and teaching the new robots. In the base coat and clear coat areas, Opel in Zaragoza has already been working with Dürr robots for years.

The Dürr family of robots is modular and thereby covers all market requirements for fully automatic paint application. The floor-mounted or raised robots apply water-borne and solvent-borne paints. Simultaneously, they are suitable both for continuous transport of car bodies through the painting booth (tracking) and for stop & go stations. They are also versatile for use in interior and exterior painting. As 8- or 9-axis swing-arm robots, they also paint the cargo spaces of commercial vehicles. The Dürr robots additionally function as door and lid openers during interior painting. Other applications include automatic coating-thickness measurement and plastic-part painting, including flaming and CO2 cleaning.


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