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Leclanché to supply Li-ion Energy Storage Systems in one of largest grid storage projects in North America

Hecate Canada Storage II, LLP, an emerging Canadian Project Development and Electrical Systems Integrator, has selected Switzerland-based Leclanché as the exclusive partner to provide 13MW / 53MWh Li-ion battery Energy Storage Systems in one of the largest Grid Ancillary Services energy storage projects in North America. All the contracted facilities will be built near Toronto, Ontario.

The project covers six Ancillary Services agreements with Ontario's Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO), positioned at several locations, and is due for financial closing in H1 2016, at which time the purchase order will be completed.

Leclanché will team up with Deltro Energy Inc. who will procure, design and construct the site facilities balance of plant scope and high voltage connections to the grid. Deltro will also be the operator of the facilities and Greensmith Energy will provide the energy management system, when the projects come on line, expected in 4Q 2016.

The IESO, the system operator in Ontario, awarded the contracts through a competitive solicitation process in 2014 as part of its Energy Storage Procurement Phase 1 project. The IESO plans to use the energy storage systems to meet its needs for fast-reacting ancillary services.

The principal service provided under these contracts is voltage control and reactive power support, an application that’s becoming increasingly important for Ontario and other regions with significant amounts of intermittent wind and solar power now on the high voltage transmission networks.



These facilities will become a necessity when many existing CANDU (NPPs) sites will have to be turned off for extended periods for refurbishing.

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