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Effective 1 February, GM is creating a combined, dedicated Autonomous and Technology Vehicle Development Team. This team is tasked with accelerating the company’s technical capabilities and create the future direction of GM vehicle programs in the autonomous and “technologically advanced” vehicle space.

Doug Parks, currently vice president, Global Product Programs, is now Vice President, Autonomous Technology and Vehicle Execution. He will lead the team responsible for creating and executing autonomously driven vehicles in addition to advanced technology vehicle programs.

Parks and his team will be the single point accountable for all critical technologies and total vehicle solutions in the areas of electrical architecture, controls and software, system and safety integration, development and validation, sourcing and execution.

Other key GM moves in the autonomous space include:

  • Pam Fletcher, Executive Chief Engineer, Global Electric Vehicles, will add the Autonomous Chevrolet Volt Campus Fleet to her responsibilities. She also will lead a team focused on strategic planning and competitive assessments within the autonomous and electric vehicle space.

  • Sheri Hickok, currently Chief Engineer, Next Generation Light Duty Pick-Up, is appointed Executive Chief Engineer, Autonomous JVs and Fleet Execution. She will lead the execution teams of autonomous fleets and the strategy and development of related key partnerships and joint ventures.

  • Andrew Farah, currently Chief Engineer, Global Electrified Vehicles, is promoted to Chief Technology Architect, Autonomous Systems. Farah will lead the technical activities of the teams empowered to create hardware, software and controls mechanisms which support autonomous vehicles. In addition, he will lead the Global Product Development teams focus on technologies required for autonomous vehicle operations.

  • Scott Miller, currently Director, Global CO2 Strategy, Energy, Mass and Aerodynamics, is appointed Director, Autonomous Vehicle Integration. He will be the technical director for Autonomous feature and controls integration, vehicle and feature validation, and vehicle development teams.



Took them a while.


It may have taken them a while, however it seems they have quite a dedicated team on it now.

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