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Maryland approves nearly $100M for 172 New Flyer new diesel buses; $800K for hybrid bus retrofits

The Maryland Transit Administration is now in line to receive $97,845,148 to invest in 172 40-foot advanced clean diesel buses after receiving approval from the Maryland’s Board of Public Works.

The Maryland Transit Administration contracted a price of $556,774 per bus New Flyer Industries, plus additional costs for services such as training.

MTA specified an IT package that cost $46,000 per bus. The IT package includes Clever Devices’ Global Positioning System, Automatic Vehicle Locator, Automatic Passenger Counter, high definition video monitor and destination signs, and operator interface module. These components increase the efficiency, safety and operational effectiveness of the MTA transit system.

The board also approved an $840,500 MTA to retrofit 41 Hybrid Beltless Alternators on model year 2012 New Flyer Diesel Electric Hybrid buses. The retrofit will include the removal of the existing alternator and equalizer systems and the installation of a HBA, compatible voltage equalizer, current sensors and one voltage/temperature sensor. Replacing the traditional alternators with HBA’s will allow for improved fuel economy, reduced emissions, reduced belt failures and reduced alternator maintenance.



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