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Earlier this month, China-based EV maker BAIC EV, opened a new R&D center in Detroit, Michigan, which will help the company evaluate overseas market demand, obtain core EV technology, build on brand influence, and eventually provide support for their international layout. This new R&D center, the second for the company in the United States, followed a successful debut of BAIC EV’s i-link™ Intelligent & Connected System (US version), the first Chinese system to apply 4G technology to the interaction between telematics and a cloud platform.

The Detroit R&D Center will work closely with BAIC’s other centers in Silicon Valley and Aachen, Germany, and integrate resources in battery, motor, and vehicle development and design. It will work to develop advanced technologies in motor drives, power electronics and intelligent control.

In addition, the center will introduce advanced technologies and development to China, as well as bring Chinese EV products to the world with the aid of local resources.

BAIC said it would run the Detroit R&D Center relatively independently to ensure that the technologies developed are the most advanced in order to become a world-class research center of EV technology and products.

The i-link is the first system in China equipped with voice identification technology, an information recreational system, and a unified ultra-large information board in the cabin. It is also tailored for digitalized driving information system, wireless charging equipment for mobile phones, and enables drivers to access services such as remote inquiry, examination, control and early warning systems.


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