California Public Utilities Commission authorizes So Cal Edison to develop pilot program for 1,500 EV charging stations
Report: Mercedes-Benz introducing fuel cell GLC SUV next year, 4 EVs starting in 2018

Report: Honda and GM to build fuel cell plant, mass production by 2025

The Asahi Shimbun reports that will set up a factory for the joint manufacture of automotive fuel cells, with production beginning by 2025 at the latest. In 2013, the two companies announced a long-term, definitive master agreement to co-develop next-generation fuel cell system and hydrogen storage technologies, aiming for the 2020 time frame. (Earlier post.)

The report cited a senior Honda official as saying that by cutting costs with General Motors, Honda hopes to increase its FCV production capacity to help achieve the Japan government’s goal of having fuel cell vehicles cost-competitive with gasoline by 2025.

Toyota Motor is working with BMW to develop key components for FCVs, while Nissan Motor Co. is collaborating with Ford Motor Co. and Daimler AG on fuel cells.



Of course, cost competitive with gasoline is a moving target - say US$3 a gallon?

Ramsey Eldib

I am ready to buy my 5th Battery Electric car, Telsa Model III. I wish the Fuel Cell cars well but GM, if you put your capital into a fast charge infastructure, maybe I would buy a car from you sooner than 2025.


The Electric Car has already left the station.....on-board an electric locomotive.


Perhaps this is the reason Toyota has directed their dealers to stop selling H2 hydrogen. My concern is still the on-board 10,000 psi hydrogen cylinder.

Here is more than you want to know about hydrogen:


Mercedes could bring back the NECAR idea and run PEMs on liquid fuels.

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