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China’s Kaidi to build €1B BTL biofuel refinery in Finland

China-based Kaidi plans to build a €1-billion (US$1.1-billion) biofuel refinery in Kemi. The planned refinery will produce 200,000 tons of biofuels per year, of which 75% will be biodiesel and 25% biogasoline.

The second-generation biomass plant will use energy wood as the main feedstock and it will be the first of its kind, not only in Finland but globally. Kaidi will make the final investment decision by the end of the year. The plant could be operational in 2019.

Kaidi’s technology is based on:

  • Plasma gasification that converts organic matter into synthetic gas.

  • Syngas cleanup that scrubs and filters unwanted or damaging impurities.

  • The Fischer-Tropsch process—a collection of chemical reactions that converts syngas into liquid hydrocarbons.

We find Finland the most interesting country to invest in for biofuels production in the Northern hemisphere. Finland has vast biomass resources, plenty of potential partner companies and an extremely progressive biofuels policy.

—Chen Yilong, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Sunshine Kaidi New Energy Group

Based on the current tax scheme, the plant is estimated to bring in more than €200 million in annual tax revenues. In addition to hundreds of subcontracting jobs, the refinery would create 150 full-time positions at the refinery once operational. Overall, the construction process will bring about an additional 4,000 man-years of work.

The refinery would be located in Ajos, Kemi upon which Vapo originally planned to open a biorefinery but decided to withdraw from the project in 2014. Kaidi’s planned biorefinery is based on different technology than Vapo’s plan. Kaidi has acquired plans and reports related to the project’s environmental impact assessment approval from Vapo Oy.

In addition, Kaidi has received environmental impact assessment approval from the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment of Lapland and environmental permit application is well underway. Kaidi has also signed a Letter of Intent to buy 33 hectares of land from the city of Kemi.



25% biogasoline

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