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Elio Motors, the startup vehicle manufacturer launching a three-wheeled vehicle that will get up to 84 MPG with a targeted base price of $6,800 (earlier post), has released to its suppliers the body framing and engine cradle design for its E-Series engineering prototypes. The E-Series prototypes will be used for safety, wind tunnel and manufacturability validation, prior to the start of commercial production.

In just three short weeks, our team has taken the design of the body framing and engine cradle to the level of manufacturability. This critical milestone in the product creation cycle has been achieved ahead of schedule, and this experienced team has exceeded our delivery expectations in meeting design parameters.

—Paul Elio, founder and CEO of Elio Motors

Elio expressed his gratitude to the key supplier companies responsible for bringing the body framing and engine cradle to its timely release. He included Schwab Industries of Shelby Township, Mich., where soft tool prototype development will occur and body framing will commence; The Genesee Group of Grand Prairie, Tex., which will provide stamping and fabrication services; and The Paslin Company of Shelby Township, which is providing welding systems and fixtures for construction of the E-Series prototypes.

Finalizing the design of the body framing and engine cradle were critical to the development of interior and exterior components for the Elio.

In design for manufacturability, we tune to the body framing and engine cradle. Chassis, interior trim, electrical and all other suppliers that provide systems and modules for the vehicle design and ultimately manufacture their design, in terms of dimensions, tolerances, attachment points and fit and finish, to this critical component module.

—Gino Raffin, Vice President of Manufacturing and Product Launch for Elio Motors

Following completion of the body framing and engine cradle, the team will work to release the design of the vehicle’s body panels in late February. This is in preparation for meeting the program’s Materials Release Date.



This type of low cost higher efficiency vehicle could replace many of the large VUS that students and workers commune with?

Aaron Turpen

I suppose that this puts them "18 months away" from production like every other press release they've put out over the last six years has done?

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