GM Powertrain becomes GM Global Propulsion Systems; almost 50% of engineers involved with alt or electrified propulsion
DOE requesting information on critical energy materials, including fuel cell platinum group metal catalysts

UQM and New Eagle partnering to provide full electric and hybrid drive systems for commercial, automotive and marine drivetrains

UQM Technologies Inc. will collaborate with New Eagle, a vehicle integrator and supplier of hybrid and electric drive control system technologies and hardware for a variety of vehicle classes and applications as well as electric marine propulsion solutions. Joint projects will utilize UQM’s PowerPhase Pro electric propulsion systems and New Eagle’s vehicle supervisory control software template and full system integration experience. This will provide customers a turn-key solution for their EV or HEV applications in a number of key markets.

For on-road vehicles, the combination of New Eagle’s vehicle control software and automated manual transmission with the UQM PowerPhase Pro 135 offers a viable solution for light- and medium-duty commercial passenger and cargo delivery vehicles. For marine applications, the combination of New Eagle’s marine hybrid drive system and the UQM PowerPhase Pro 135 offers a solution to reducing the operating and maintenance costs of commercial marine fleet vessels while reducing emissions and operating noise.

UQM Technologies is a developer and manufacturer of power-dense, high-efficiency electric motors, generators, power electronic controllers and fuel cell compressors for the commercial truck, bus, automotive, marine, military and industrial markets.

New Eagle has grown from providing engineering services to supplying production control solutions in a variety of applications including electric and hybrid vehicles, alternative fuel engine control, electro-hydraulics, autonomous systems, and multiplexed vehicle control. Its electric drive systems are available for both retrofit and OEM applications, for both on-road and off-road, marine, and rail applications.


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