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SEAT, Samsung and SAP partner on connected car technology

SEAT, a member of the Volkswagen Group; Samsung Electronics; and SAP SE are working together to develop future projects for the connected car. Last year SEAT and Samsung concluded an agreement on initial technology solutions that are currently featured in some SEAT models. This year the agreement is strengthened with the arrival of SAP, the world leader in enterprise applications, business networks and the Internet of Things (IoT).

The R&D teams of SEAT, Samsung and SAP are presenting several future connected car concepts at the upcoming Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona. These include:

  • An app that lets you reserve a parking spot and enables you to pay for the service without leaving your car. The Samsung Pay platform, already deployed in South Korea and the US, will reach the European market in the coming months. In Q4 2015 SAP launched SAP Vehicles Network (SVN) in the US and Europe with Samsung Pay as a launch partner focusing on vehicle-centric services such as Connected Parking and Connected Fueling.

    Under this premise, SEAT, Samsung and SAP have developed a future concept that can be accessed with the SEAT ConnectApp. The plan is for this app to enable users to reserve a parking space from any location through fingerprint recognition, navigates the driver to the location and automatically raise the access gate when the car approaches. When the driver exits the carpark, payment is planned to be made directly from the app without leaving the car. This concept is the result of a joint collaboration with car park operator Saba, SVN members (such as EasyPark) and Mobile World Capital.

  • Digital Key Sharing: “fingertip authorization for anyone, anywhere to use your car”. Additionally on-hand at MWC, SEAT and Samsung are presenting an evolution of last year’s Digital Key proposal, which was a solution for locking and unlocking the doors, turning on the air conditioning and opening and closing the windows remotely, from a smartphone or wearable.

    The innovative solution this year is a function that can be accessed in future in a SEAT car, whereby authorization can be given for another person to share the car without the need to transfer possession of a key, even if both people are in different locations. The function consists in issuing a completely secure authorization to another person to share the car by transferring a virtual copy of the car’s digital key to the other person’s smartphone or mobile device for a duplicate key at your fingertips.

    A time limit can be set on the duplicate of the digital key. When it expires, the sharing capability ends. This app project also includes the management of the virtual keys. In a more advanced stage of the project there is even room for configuring and restricting a series of car functions or performance such as setting a maximum speed or specifying the driving mode to increase efficiency, among others.

In addition, during Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona, SEAT will present a proof of concept of the new MY SEAT App, developed in collaboration with Accenture, that explores the opportunities for new services enabled by the Internet of Things (IoT) and the connected customer and vehicle.

New functionalities include remote control of connected home appliances, capabilities to replicate car dashboard warnings and alerts, and driver behavior monitoring to offer driving tips, increase performance and reduce fuel consumption and unplanned car maintenance.


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