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DS Automobiles unveiling high-performance E-TENSE electric GT concept at Geneva

DS Automobiles, Citroën’s luxury brand spin-off, will introduce the high-performance electric GT concept DS E-TENSE at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show next week.

A Formula E World Championship competitor in partnership with Virgin (DS Virgin Racing Formula E Team), DS Automobiles has equipped the DS E-TENSE with a 300 kW (402 hp) motor that produces 516 N·m (380 lb-ft) torque. Mixed EU cycle range is 310 km (193 miles) or 360 km (224 miles) on the urban cycle. The car accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.5 seconds, with a top speed of 250 km/h (155 mph).



The 53 kWh lithium-ion battery pack is situated under the car’s chassis, which keeps the center of gravity low and enables even torque distribution between the axles.

The two-seater monocoque chassis is manufactured from carbon fibre and equipped with independent superimposed double wishbone suspension. The streamlined silhouette, the carbon fibre diffuser and the flat underbody all contribute significantly to its aerodynamic performance.

Specially developed Michelin tires are able to sustain the high torque electric powertrain, and deliver a safe and comfortable drive even at top speeds.

The DS Automobiles brand has sold more than 600,000 vehicles since launch.



OK, it will do 310 km or 193 miles if you hyper-mile it under the bogus EU driving cycle but what will it do in normal driving. I have occasion to drive to Ely, Nevada and just outside of Wendover, Nevada is a caution sign that warns that the next available service (gas or otherwise) is 130 miles and the speed limit is 70 mph. To make it even more sporting, a large section is open range (no fencing for the cattle, sheep or wild horses). If you next destination was Tonapa, it is something like 167 miles and of course the speed limit is still 70 miles and hour. I doubt that you would make it.


Another beautiful muscle e-car with the battery pack in the right place. The promised mid-range of about 200 miles is not enough but will satisfy many, at least until improved batteries are available.


Towards New Horizons
The physicist Richard Feynman was the first to conceive the idea of a computer that would process information based on quantum effects.
The quantum theory has been one of the most successful – but also a most controversial debated physical theory. It explains the structure of matter and atoms, details chemical reactions and radioactivity. The superposition of several states which a quantum system can simultaneously attain is employed in a quantum computer.
One of the most promising and relatively new innovation is the Prieto battery. Its' solid state electrolyte and 3-D architecture are far more than just fascinating. Functional prototypes of this battery are available; its manufacturing process remains to be up-scaled to an industrial level and to usable sizes for various applications. This battery will certainly remain benchmark for a long time once it is launched to market. The ultimate battery, however, would be a solid state 3-D quantum battery. Two completely entangled batteries of this type – one in a vehicle, the other permanently connected to a charger on-line - would be small, light, and cheap and would virtually never discharge.

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