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BMW introducing On-Street Parking Information service this year; connected vehicles and predictive algorithms

The BMW Group will introduce its new On-Street Parking Information service—which enables users to track down a free parking space more quickly in urban areas—in future BMW production models, initially in Germany and the USA from the end of 2016.

On-Street Parking Information is a new navigation service from the BMW Group that uses intelligent algorithms as the basis for detecting vacant on-street parking spaces.

On-Street Parking Information uses the movement data of vehicles that are both leaving a parking spot or searching for parking, and links this data with a local prediction model, thereby allowing possible parking options in urban areas, such as a particular part of town, to be computed and indicated on the car’s Control Display. This enables the driver to head directly to zones where there is a higher probability of finding a vacant spot.

A research project initiated by the BMW Group in major cities has already delivered reliable results. This navigation service was devised in collaboration with INRIX, one of the world’s leading providers of real-time traffic information.


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