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ViriCiti, Simacan tool predicts energy usage and savings per route by driving electric

ViriCiti B.V., a provider of telematics systems for electric city buses and trucks, and Simacan B.V., a provider of real-time traffic information, are partnering to develop a new online tool that predicts the energy usage and savings per route by driving electric.

The EV Fleet Analyzer provides insights into when the deployment of electric distribution vehicles is profitable. With this tool, ViriCiti and Simacan aim to increase the use of electric vehicles.

ViriCiti reads data from the vehicle CAN Bus and analyses the data on its cloud servers. The ViriCiti platform is the data-hub for all stakeholders. ViriCiti thus possesses large amounts of data regarding the energy consumption of electric vehicles (EVs).

Simacan, which integrates data from both public and private sources, is an expert in the field of real-time geo datasets and route planning. By partnering, the two are able to develop a system that analyses both internal vehicle data and data from external sources which have an effect on energy consumption (traffic, weather and road altitude differences). The EV Fleet Analyzer can thus subsequently make an accurate prediction of the usage and savings per route.

Many logistics companies only sporadically use EVs, the partners noted. The required data for reliable planning is missing, which leads to a small-scale and uneconomic use of the vehicles. The partners said that the EV Fleet Analyzer allows distributors are able to determine if the use of EVs is attainable and profitable on a route-by-route basis.

ViriCiti and Simacan will test the software after development with several distributors.

This project is a great use-case of the Big Data approach; ViriCiti’s growing dataset of vehicle specific consumption is projected on the advanced route planning system of Simacan. This creates an application with predictive abilities, which improves itself continuously with every electric driven kilometer.

—Simon Rijk, CTO ViriCiti


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