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Shanghai OnStar and Midea Group partner to integrate onboard telematics & smart household technology

Shanghai OnStar and the Midea Group are partnering to integrate onboard telematics and smart household technology. Due to the growing demand and use of onboard telematics services, the automobile has become a mobile Internet platform. Likewise, smart household technology is increasing in popularity. A platform that combines the two will enable consumers to easily and safely manipulate what goes on in both their vehicles and their homes.

Shanghai OnStar offers a range of more than 20 exclusive services that safeguard subscribers and their vehicles. Its 4G LTE technology, which was launched last year, is the first onboard wireless Internet service of its kind in China.

Midea, China’s most popular home appliance brand according to the Hurun Report, is a pioneer in smart household technology. Its M-Smart strategy is based on the Internet of Things. The ultimate goal is to revolutionize smart household technology to allow for complete intelligent control of air, nutrition, water and energy systems.

Seamless integration between onboard telematics and smart home technology will support a people-vehicle-life ecosystem to enable consumers to be fully connected to every aspect of their lives.


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