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UQM receives new follow-on order from Proterra to support increased demand for electric buses

UQM Technologies Inc. received a new order from electric bus maker Proterra for PowerPhase HD electric drive systems to be completed and shipped before the end of 2016. Proterra will nearly double its production capacity in 2016 as an increasing number of transit agencies see zero-emission buses as a credible and proven alternative to diesel, CNG, and hybrid buses.

Proterra has more than 60 buses on the road today in Texas, California, Massachusetts, Nevada, Kentucky, Tennessee, Florida, South Carolina and Washington.

We have worked closely over the years with Proterra to create what we believe is the most technologically advanced heavy-duty electric drivetrain in the marketplace. That achievement, combined with Proterra’s over two million proven miles, makes the UQM/Proterra solution a hugely successful transit vehicle. We expect this growth trend to continue as more transit agencies throughout the world electrify their fleets.

—Joe Mitchell, President and CEO of UQM Technologies



EV acceptance is being advanced rapidly by electric Buses and electric bicycles and scooters; Garbage trucks and short haul trucks also make sense, especially because electric buses are 6 times more efficient than diesels and CNG trucks. Which translates to huge savings even with fossil fuels at all time low prices.

At this stage of development, long haul trucks work better as hybrids by using their electric motors for low end boost, acceleration and climbing. The low end torque and the complications and expense of heat engines(diesels) are no longer needed and can more easily be replaced with less expensive gassers.

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