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Sysgration contracting with China BAK for at least 6M 26650 Li-ion cells for EV battery packs

Sysgration, a China-based manufacturer of automotive electronics products and smart home devices, has contracted with Li-ion battery manufacturer China BAK Battery for no less than 6 million units of 26650 high power lithium batteries in calendar year 2016, for use in Sysgration’s battery packs supplied to electric vehicles manufacturers.

The 26650 high power lithium battery is based on a LiFEPO4 chemistry, and offers 2.2 Ah capacity with 3.2 V, and a cycle life of more than 2,000 cycles.

China BAK will supply the batteries through its wholly-owned operating subsidiary, Dalian BAK Power Battery Co., Ltd., a specialized high power battery provider in Dalian.


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