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ClipperCreek introduces 24 Amp Level 2 charging station for $499

ClipperCreek, Inc. has introduced a new 24 Amp Level 2 LCS-30 electric vehicle charging station to its line-up. The LCS-30 offers 5.8kW of power for up to 4 times faster charging than the standard 120V cordsets delivered with most vehicles. The LCS-30 is available for both hardwired and plug in installations; the hardwired 240 Volt charging station is $499; the four types of LCS-30P plug-in versions are $515.

Designed to serve the residential, workplace, fleet, and public amenity charging markets, the LCS-30 has ClipperCreek’s standard product features, including a 3-year warranty, a fully sealed, rugged NEMA 4 enclosure, 25 feet of charge cable, and a separate, low profile wall mount connector holster.

Electric vehicle owners want faster charging, but don't necessarily want to upgrade their electrical service panel. The LCS-30 provides the maximum charging power available through a standard 30 Amp, 240 Volt circuit. With 24 Amps available to the vehicle, the LCS-30 can deliver approximately 20 miles of range per hour of charge for vehicles capable of accepting this level of power for charging. This allows more people to use their existing infrastructure, making the installation much more affordable.

—Will Barrett, ClipperCreek’s Director of Sales


Juan Valdez

I have a Clipper Creek for my Volt and it works flawlessly. Wondering if we will ever get to 50-100 amp car charging services at home? Can the new cars handle that, or do they need DC voltage to charge faster??

@Juan, what would you do with 100 amp (24kW) charging at home?

How often do you need to charge from empty to full in one hour and you're not driving long distance?

Like the sign on the wall of the race shop says; "Speed costs money. How fast do you want to go?"

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