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ENGIE investing €100M in CNG/LNG stations in Europe to 2020

ENGIE, a global operator in electricity, natural gas and energy services markets, will invest nearly €100 million from now to 2020 to build Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) stations for filling up the European fleets of trucks with natural gas and biogas.

This contribution to strengthening the LNG and CNG distribution infrastructures in Europe will rely on ENGIE’s active involvement with stakeholders—the truck manufacturers as well as the national and European authorities—committing to move to alternative fuels. The investment will cover the building of 30 CNG stations in France and up to nearly 70 LNG stations in several European countries.

With 15 years of operations of 140 CNG stations, mainly in France, and 4 early first LNG stations in France and the Netherlands, ENGIE is accelerating the development of gas mobility in Europe for road transportation but also for shipping.

ENGIE is also engaged in the promotion of LNG as a marine fuel, with a bunkering vessel designed in partnership with NYK and Mitsubishi Corporation to be operational by end of 2016 in Zeebrugge, Belgium. It is also supplying LNG by truck to waterways barges on the Rhine river and it will build a fixed LNG station both for ships and trucks in the port of Antwerp, Belgium.


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