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Air New Zealand and Virgin Australia partner to investigate options for locally produced aviation biofuel

In a trans-Tasman alliance, Air New Zealand and Virgin Australia are issuing a Request for Information (RFI) to the market to explore the opportunity to procure locally-produced aviation biofuel.

Air New Zealand Chief Flight Operations and Safety Officer Captain David Morgan says the airline recognizes the impact aviation has on the environment and this RFI is a key initiative under its carbon management program.

Virgin Australia Head of Sustainability Robert Wood says the airline is committed to stimulating the development of a sustainable aviation biofuel industry in the region.

Both airlines are committed to ensuring that aviation biofuel delivers environmental, social and economic benefits, and respondents to the RFI are encouraged to address these principles. Interested parties have until 30 May 2016 to express their interest.



I said clearly that biofuel are bad and looks at what news this website is reporting. It should not compete the foods market and receive no subsidies.

Try algae instead like i said.

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