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Borgward picks SAP, LG and Bosch as strategic partners in electric mobility; PHEVs and EVs

Borgward Group AG, the reincarnation of the German automaker that ceased operations in 1961, has formed a long-term strategic partnership with the SAP, LG Electronics and Robert Bosch GmbH to support its plan to launch sales in Europe with plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles. The agreements govern the development and delivery of various parts and components, particularly those related to electric mobility.

The strategic partnership with LG Electronics encompasses the joint development and delivery of high-performance batteries for plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles. Moreover, Borgward and LG will jointly develop electric vehicle components such as electric air-conditioning compressors.

In the cooperation with Bosch, the two companies will work together on the further development of the electric drive train. In addition, the partnership will encompass the development and supply of components and systems for motor control units, dynamic handling systems, starter generators, electronic steering systems and multimedia systems.

SAP will supply the software for the effective networking of the R&D, production, value chain, sales, services, global business operations and other areas of the automaker.

Borgward. The original company was established just after World War I by Carl F. W. Borgward as radiator producer. Its first commercial vehicle, introduced in 1924, was the Blitzkarren (“Lightning Cart”). By the 1950s, Borgward had become the third largest automotive manufacturer in Germany, and pioneer of the affordable “premium” sedan.

The Group’s line-up included small and medium-sized cars, as well as light and heavy duty commercial vehicles. Among the company’s biggest successes were the Hansa 1500, the P 100, and the Isabella.

Christian Borgward, grandson of company founder Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Borgward, brought the company back in 2015.

Borgward models on display at the Geneva show this year. Click to enlarge.

Chairman and Global CEO of Borgward Group AG, Ulrich Walker, says that the new company is working off of a B-G-W strategy: “BORGWARD brand heritage”, “German engineering” and “Worldwide footprint”. Walker has said that in the medium term, the company wants to be selling more than 500,000 units a year worldwide.

The company opened a plant in Beijing earlier this month. Occupying an area of 1.10 million square metres, it has a maximum annual capacity of 160,000 units, which can increase to 360,000 units in the second phase.

The new plant is based on the German Industry 4.0 concept, and will strictly comply with the German manufacturing and quality management system standards.

The company’s first model, the BX7 plug-in hybrid SUV, is being positioned in China as a German-branded, wide-bodied intelligent SUV, and will be launched at the Beijing Motor Show this month. Along with the BX7, the all-new BX5 near-series prototype and the BX6 TS show car will also be on display.



Will this be a duplication of what has TESLA (ad a few others) done in the last 10+ years?


Look at the new design, engineering and production jobs EVs and renewables are creating. That's the power this new technology has over the status quo of a fossil fuel driven workforce.

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Forget the PHEV part and focus on EVs. It is all we need for land transportation.

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