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SAE International has published two new technical standards for vehicle-to-vehicle communications: to standardize the data message sets used in Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) communications and to establish the parameters for a vehicle communication system to receive and transmit the message sets.

SAE J2735_201603—Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) Message Set Dictionary—is the fifth edition of the message set dictionary and specifies a message set, and its data frames and data elements specifically for use by safety applications intended to utilize 5.9 GHz Dedicated Short Range Communications for Wireless Access in Vehicular Environments (DSRC/WAVE).

The changes made from prior editions include revising the content to reflect a uniform use of unaligned packed coding rules, a common message framework, the further refinement of several existing messages due to deployment experience, and the addition of a preliminary Personal Safety Message for use with vulnerable road users.

This standard also supports interoperability among DSRC applications through the use of a standardized message set, and its data frames and data elements. Common and interoperable message sets are the cornerstone of V2V safety applications.

SAE J2945/1_201603—On-Board System Requirements for V2V Safety Communications—is the first edition of on-board system requirements for V2V safety communications and specifies the parameters for a system to transmit and receive the SAE J2735-defined safety messages over a Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) wireless communications link.

It also ensures that the exchange of safety messages in V2V safety communications provides the desired interoperability and data integrity to support the performance of the envisioned safety applications and provides the information necessary to build interoperable systems that support select safety applications.

SAE International expects that both standards will be cited in the National Highway Traffic Administration’s (NHTSA) upcoming Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard Number 150 (FMVSS 150) rulemaking which will require vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication capability for light duty vehicles and will create minimum performance requirements for V2V devices and messages.


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