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Vayon Holdings Limited has acquired the Mission Motor Company, based in San Francisco, California. Mission is a developer and supplier of innovative electric powertrain technologies designed to provide optimal power for their size and weight.

Founded in 2007, Mission originally aimed to build high-performance electric motorcycles, but later focused on being a supplier of electric vehicle components.

Mission is best known for developing the Mission-RS electric motorbike which showcases their high performance products such as high power motor inverters, liquid cooled electric motors, DC-DC converters, battery management systems and the Skyline telematics platform.

Vayon said that the acquisition will also provide additional testing capability including high voltage and battery testing, electric motor testing and climate chambers.

The acquisition of Mission, with their strong portfolio of electric powertrain technologies and Skyline Telematics, fits perfectly with Vayon’s strategy. By expanding our range of high performance solutions and accelerating the development of advanced telematics and cutting edge software, we are strengthening our position for accelerated growth in both the connected car and electric powertrain sector.

—Shane Hussain, Chairman of Vayon


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