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Williams Advanced Engineering collaborates with Wille on zero-emission multi-function machines

Williams Advanced Engineering will work with Vilakone Oy to create a new zero emission multi-function machine based on the existing Wille 665 platform. Vilakone Oy is Northern Europe’s largest manufacturer of environmental management machinery such as leaf collectors, snow ploughs and city sweepers.

Wille 665. Click to enlarge.

A total of more than 6,000 Wille multi-function machines have been sold so far with its main markets in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Russia and North America. The standard Wille 665 unit is currently powered by an 83 kW Caterpillar diesel.

Williams Advanced Engineering is a leading player in the hybridization and electrification of vehicles, with recent projects including the design and manufacture of the Jaguar C-X75 hybrid supercar, a fully electric demonstrator vehicle for Aston Martin, and the supply of the batteries that power the cars in Formula E—the world’s first fully electric racing series.

Williams Advanced Engineering specializes in working with clients to create new products that are more energy efficient than what has gone before, but crucially do not compromise on style or performance. Williams has worked closely with Wihuri for a number of years on marketing campaigns, and this is now extending into technology collaboration. With a major city like Helsinki setting out a zero emission strategy for the future, having a zero emission product will be a big asset for Vilakone and we will be using our expertise in vehicle electrification and batteries to help them create a tough multi-purpose machine that has sector leading energy efficiency ratings.

—Paul McNamara, Technical Director for Williams Advanced Engineering

Wihuri has been sponsoring Williams’ racing driver Valtteri Bottas for more than a decade and, since 2013, has been an official partner of WILLIAMS MARTINI RACING. Cooperation in the product development of Wille machinery further enhances the collaboration between the two parties.



Zero emission snow plows/blowers, for streets, side walks and highways would be more than welcomed in our area with lots of snow.

Wonder how we could convince contractors and local authorities to buy and use them?

A very good sales force would be required?

Henry Gibson

ZEBRA batteries would be a great choice for these. Now available from FZSONICK to work at all temperatures with 20 year lives. ..HG..

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