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Toyota Motor Europe hybrid sales up 38% in first quarter; 30% hybrid mix

Toyota Motor Europe (TME) reported a 38% increase in its Q1 2016 hybrid sales (Toyota and Lexus brands) versus the same period last year, representing 30% of total sales, compared to 24% for the full calendar year 2015. The Toyota brand hybrids accounted for 59,608 units (+43% year-on-year) for a hybrid mix of 27%; Lexus brand hybrids posted 12,141 units (+15% year-on-year), for a hybrid mix of 67%.

Total TME sales for the first quarter of 2016 were 241,600 Toyota and Lexus vehicles, an increase of 5.1% from Q1 2015, in a European market still split between growth in the West and Central Europe (+7.9%) and further decline in the East (-10%). Total market share for the group stood at 4.8%.

TME’s sales in the EU+EFTA region grew by 6.8% year-on-year. Sales in the rest of TME’s Europe region (including Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Caucasus, Turkey and Israel) were stable at -0.8% versus a market down by 10%. This resulted in an increase in share of 0.8 percentage point at 8.41% in the area.

TME plans to sell more than 270,000 hybrids in CY2016 and has a mid-term plan to sell achieve 50% hybrid sales by 2020.

We have put the emphasis on two major strategic directions: hybrid, and the Lexus premium brand. We continue to beat records in hybrid sales, and premium customers are responding to Lexus’ new design and powertrains. We are also extremely pleased with our sales in Eastern Europe where our network is performing heroics in a difficult market, and gaining share.

—Karl Schlicht, Executive Vice President, Toyota Motor Europe

The top 3 hybrids for the Toyota brand in Q1 were the Auris Hybrid (24,021); Yaris Hybrid (21,320); and RAV4 (8,117). The top 3 hybrid gainers were Prius (+66%); Auris Hybrid (+33%); Yaris Hybrid (+14%).

The top Lexus hybrids in Q1 were the NX Hybrid (4,672); RX Hybrid (2,362); and CT200h (2,445). The top 3 hybrid gainers were RC Hybrid (new); RX Hybrid (+92%); and GS Hybrid (+20%).

Within the Prius family Prius Family for Q1, TME reported 5,949 total units: 3,744 for the Prius; 2,066 for the Prius+; and 139 units of the Prius plug-in hybrid. TME also reported 12 units of the Mirai fuel cell vehicle sold.



I'm not surprised to see Toyota's Hybrid sales grow at a much quicker rate than the market. They are top quality vehicles.

Our 3 Prius-Camry Hybrids perform beyond expectation after almost 3 years of all weather operation including very cold snowy winter months.

The new Prius at 55 mpg is an all around achievement.

The next generation should have improved lighter batteries, lighter body and accessories for 60+ mpg.

The major advantages of those high quality hybrids are that they perform very well in all weather conditions and DO NOT need home nor public e-charging facilities.

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