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Adgero introducing ultracap-based KERS for semi-trailers

French transport tech developer Adgero will unveil the regenerative braking-powered UltraBoost ST—an ultracapacitor-based kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) installed on a curtainsider semi-trailer—that aims to cut fuel and carbon emissions by up to 25% at the Commercial Vehicle Show in Birmingham, UK.

Adgero’s hybrid technology consists of an electrically-driven axle-mounted unit under the semi-trailer, powered by a bank of ultracapacitors, and controlled by intelligent management software that automatically controls regenerative braking and acceleration boost.

The UltraBoost ST uses a compact and lightweight YASA motor to recover kinetic energy, otherwise lost as heat during braking, and stores it in a bank of five high-power Skeleton Technologies SkelMod 50F 160V ultracapacitors. (Earlier post.)


During braking, the unit becomes a generator, recovering kinetic energy that would otherwise be lost as heat and storing it in the ultra-capacitors. The technology is controlled by an intelligent management system that tracks driver input in order to automatically control the regenerative braking and acceleration boost.

Leading European manufacturer SDC Trailers installed the system on a 13.6m curtainsider trailer, finished in the livery of major UK-based transport and distribution company, Eddie Stobart. The transport operator will be conducting road testing of Adgero’s UltraBoost ST system in coming weeks.

Operator efficiency was the driving force behind the (KERS) trailer innovation. Our customers are always looking for ways to reduce their fuel consumption and overall carbon footprint, especially in demanding applications such as heavy terrain or continuous urban transport.

—Head of Engineering at SDC, Jimmy Dorrian

Last week Adgero signed a €3.5-million distribution agreement to ensure the UltraBoost ST system for road haulage was powered by modules from Skeleton Technologies.


James McLaughlin

I calculate 143 horsepower for one minute. OK, this might be useful.

If someone wants to check my math, that is Five capacitors of 50 F each in series at 160 V each, which totals 10 F at 800 V.

F = (W*s)/(V^2)
(W*s) = 10 * 800 * 800 = 6400000 watt seconds.

At 745 watts per horsepower, that is:
Or 143 horsepower for one minute.
Or 572 horsepower for 10 seconds.
They don't appear to state the motor power, but heavy duty applications tend so be shy off 500 hp diesel peak.

Henry Gibson

Ricardo flywheels might be cheaper and more reliable.

Artemis Digital Displacement would weigh and cost less for same power and energy. ..HG..

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