Volkswagen reaches an agreement in principle in US over diesel emissions issue; binding consent decrees to come
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Daimler conducting internal investigation over exhaust emissions certification process in the US

Daimler AG announced that it is conducting an internal investigation regarding its certification process related to exhaust emissions in the United States upon the request of the US Department of Justice (DOJ).

Daimler said it is cooperating fully with the authorities. Daimler will consequently investigate possible indications of irregularities and “take all necessary actions.”

In a brief statement, the company noted that its experience with the US authorities “has clearly shown that a conservative communication supports the constructive dialogue with the authorities.”

Some owners of Mercedes diesel cars have filed class-action lawsuits in the US charging that Daimler used a defeat device to cheat emissions testing. Daimler said it considers the class actions filed against it “to be without merit” and said it will defend itself against them “with all available legal means”.



Do we have another tricky pollution control system in the making?

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