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DOE to issue $22.3M funding opportunity for vehicle technologies; MD and HD PEVs, DI propane engine and partner projects

The US Department of Energy (DOE) will issue (DE-FOA-0001534) a $22.3-million multi-topic funding opportunity for vehicle technologies (DE-FOA-0001535). The FOA will include the three areas of interest: medium- and heavy-duty plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs); direct injection propane engine; and alternative fuel vehicle community partner projects.

  • PEVs. The objective of this area of interest is to research, develop, and demonstrate medium- and heavy-duty (classes 3-7) PEVs, including vehicles that can provide power for ancillary services or exportable power, and/or vehicles with connected and autonomous capabilities with an emphasis on electrification.

    Projects must develop and demonstrate plug-in electric or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles that use a significant amount of grid electricity for vehicle propulsion. Projects will consist of three phases—component development, powertrain integration into vehicles, and demonstration for at least one year. Infrastructure investments are not included in the project scope.

  • Direct Injection Propane Engine. The objective of this area of interest is to research, develop, and demonstrate a direct injection (DI) propane engine for on-road vehicles approved for highway use. The engine must be based on currently-available commercial engines and meet current US standards for useful life.

    Recent advances in DI technology have enabled higher efficiency spark-ignited gasoline engines. Similarly, the properties of propane are expected to complement DI technology and lead to benefits in both fuel economy and emissions. Because the current market for propane vehicles is small and limited to the light commercial sector, there has not been market incentive to date to develop new hardware. This project is intended to demonstrate the possibility for improving current propane vehicle efficiency, and a potential path forward for propane DI technology.

  • Alternative Fuel Vehicle Community Partner Projects. The objective of this area of interest is to accelerate the use of commercially available alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles, and supporting infrastructure technologies, through community-based partnerships between state and local governments and the private sector. DOE anticipates awarding multiple financial assistance awards in the form of cooperative agreements. The estimated period of performance for each award will be approximately 2-3 years.

DOE plans to issue the FOA in June 2016.


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