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Ricardo Software to partner with Modelon to expand IGNITE simulation package capabilities

Ricardo Software will partner with Modelon to expand Ricardo’s IGNITE product capabilities. IGNITE is a physics-based system simulation package operating in Modelica (earlier post) focused on complete vehicle system modeling and simulation. With comprehensive powertrain and thermofluid component libraries, users can quickly and accurately model conventional to highly complex vehicle system models, hybrid-electric, full electric and novel vehicles.

In the upcoming 2016 product release, planned for May, IGNITE users will have instant access to Modelon’s advanced OPTIMICA Compiler Toolkit, a Modelica and Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) based computational platform for system design.

Integration of Modelon’s OPTIMICA Compiler Toolkit will advance the Ricardo Software IGNITE product’s simulation speeds and capability, and also and offers the opportunity for future significant enhancements.

Integrating IGNITE and OPTIMICA offers clear advantages for system simulation users, Ricardo said, not the least of which is a three-fold increase in the speed of compilation and simulation, providing very significant time-savings. Moreover, it provides expanded compatibility with proprietary and open source Modelica libraries (covering two-phase fluid, thermal, hydraulics, and more), and comprehensive support of the FMI, further enabling execution of multi-domain and multi-scale studies in IGNITE.

Modelica has been developed by the (non-profit) Modelica Association since 1996 and has been in use in industry since 2000. The language supports modeling the dynamic behavior of technical systems consisting of components from mechanical, electrical, thermal, hydraulic, pneumatic, fluid, control and other domains in a convenient way. The models are described by differential, algebraic, and discrete equations.

IGNITE schematic_530
A typical vehicle system model used in an IGNITE simulation.

The result of this partnership will bring together the best of IGNITE’s comprehensive ground vehicle performance and fuel economy simulation capability with Modelon’s leadership in Modelica and FMI technology.

In 2013, Ricardo Software joined the Open Source Modelica Consortium (OSMC), demonstrating the company’s commitment to Modelica-based CAE and paving the way for launch of the then forthcoming IGNITE software product. (Earlier post.)


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