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California ARB staff releases first batch of recertified CI pathways for fuels under readopted LCFS using CA-GREET 2.0

The staff of the California Air Resources Board (ARB) released the first full set of carbon intensity (CI) pathways certified under the readopted LCFS regulation using the CA-GREET 2.0 model. (Earlier post.) These pathways include both new applications and requests to have “legacy” pathways (adopted under the prior LCFS rule) recertified.

The initial batch of released CIs contains only ethanol pathway; similar batches will be released for other fuel types in the future.

Source: ARB. Click to enlarge.

On 22 April 2016, staff sent each of the ethanol pathways (both recertified and new) for review and acceptance by the individual applicants. Only those pathways accepted by applicants were certified and released. These certified pathways may be used for credit reporting purposes beginning with reports for the first quarter of 2016.

To enable applicants and regulated parties to access all certified CIs in one centralized location staff is posting a list which includes all CIs certified using CA-GREET 2.0 and all active pathway CIs certified under CA-GREET 1.8b.

The CA-GREET 1.8b pathways CIs are eligible to earn credits only through 31 December 2016 and will sunset after that date.

The Low Carbon Fuel Standard is a regulation to reduce the carbon intensity of fuels sold in California 10% percent by 2020.



Is anyone else surprised/amazed at the -300 carbon intensity of bio-CNG? Wow. Time to start investing in dairy farms in California. I guess it's all about avoided emissions.

The figure shows negative carbon intensity values for some H2 pathways but I can't find documentation on the CARB website. Is that biogas to H2 that's negative?

Will be interesting to see how the fuel mix changes in the state as the LCFS gets more stringent next year and into the future.

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