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Lygos and Sirrus announce synthesis of methylene malonates using bio-derived feedstock

Lygos, Inc., and Sirrus, Inc., jointly announced that Sirrus has successfully synthesized its Chemilian 1,1 di-substituted alkenes using Lygos’ bio-derived diethyl malonate (bio-DEM). This marks the first known synthesis and purification of this breakthrough class of monomers using bio-based malonate esters at laboratory scale.

The Sirrus class of monomers presents a broad range of unique properties for various industries that the company believes may drive large volume demand for bio-derived malonate esters.

Lygos engineers yeast to ferment sugar into high-value industrial chemicals. Lygos applies biochemistry to develop fine chemical manufacturing processes cost-advantaged over petrochemical technologies.

Lygos’ first family of products are malonic acid and its derivative esters dimethyl malonate and diethyl malonate.


Eugenia Robel

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