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Nissan and Eaton, have partnered to introduce a new residential energy storage unit: the xStorage solution. Available to pre-order from September 2016, the xStorage is designed to be the most affordable home energy storage system in the market today.

Providing a sustainable second-life for Nissan’s electric vehicle (EV) batteries after their first life in cars is over, the new unit is powered by twelve Nissan EV battery modules.

Once set-up by a certified installer, the unit is ready to go, giving consumers the ability to plug in and power up easily. It will also have smartphone connectivity to allow consumers to flick between energy sources at the touch of a button.

Starting price for a 4.2 kWh (nominal) system with all required elements, including cabling and installation by a certified professional, is €4,000 (US$4,600).

The new xStorage system marks the start of a longer-term commitment by Nissan and Eaton to widen the portfolio of energy storage solutions available to both private and commercial customers. Nissan and Eaton expect to sell more than 100,000 xStorage units within the next five years as the consumer appetite for this type of technology continues to grow.



$4000 for 4 kwh of used li-ion?

Ok, I will buy a new one instead, is cheaper!

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