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True Zero opens first hydrogen fueling station in California central coast region

LG may work with Iran to develop EVs and infrastructure; 60K units by 2023

LG International Corp., the trading arm of South Korea’s LG Group, has signed a tentative deal with the Iranian government to cooperate in developing electric vehicles and the requisite infrastructure, according to media reports.

LG International will oversee the project jointly with the Iranian government. Other LG entities—including LG Electronics, LG Chem and LG Innotek—will lead efforts to develop electric motors, batteries and key auto parts, the company said, according to a report from Iran’s Mehr News Agency.

According to the deal, as reported in The Chosun Ilbo, LG will develop 20 EVs for automaker Iran Khodro by 2018 and set up charging stations in Tehran. They also agreed to produce about 60,000 EVs by 2023.

Other details on the terms of the agreement were not known. Both sides are seeking to finalize the deal within this year.



Im sorry to say that this putch of building evs and recharging infrastructure won't materialize because almost nobody want an ev and this is especially true in iran as there is no electrical infrastructure to start with, electricity is made with diesel.

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