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Researchers in China have directly synthesized gasoline- and diesel-range C6-C15 branched alkanes in high carbon yield (~80%) via the self-condensation of acetone and the subsequent hydrodeoxygenation over a dual-bed catalyst system. A paper on their work appears in the RSC journal Green Chemistry.

Acetone is a by-product in the production of bio-butanol via the acetone-butanol-ethanol (ABE) fermentation of lignocellulose. In a typical ABE fermentation, butanol, acetone and ethanol are produced at a weight ratio of 6:3:1.4 Acetone can also be produced by ketonization of acetic acid—a low-cost lignocellulosic platform compound which is obtained as a by-product in furfural production or from the fermentation of lignocellulose.

The new work thus offers a potential route for the synthesis of drop-in hydrocarbon fuels using acetone derived from the ABE fermentation of lignocellulose.

Strategy for the direct production of gasoline and diesel range branched alkanes over a dual-bed catalyst system. Sheng et al. Click to enlarge.

In the first bed, the acetone was converted to C6-C15 ketones and alcohols using a Pd-modified MgAl-hydrotalcite (MgAl-HT) catalyst. In the second bed, the C6-C15 ketones and alcohols generated in the first bed were further hydrodeoxygenated to C6-C15 branched alkanes—which can be used as renewable gasoline and diesel.

During a 24-hour continuous test, the carbon yield of C6-C15 branched alkanes only slightly decreased from 84.2% to 74.9%. After in-situ regeneration with a hydrogen flow at 573 K for 2 hours, the activity of the dual-bed catalyst system restored to its initial level.


  • Xueru Sheng, Ning Li, Guangyi Li, Wentao Wang, Ai-Qin Wang, Yu Cong, Xiaodong Wang and Tao Zhang (2016) “Direct synthesis of gasoline and diesel range branched alkanes with acetone from lignocellulose” Green Chem., 2016, Accepted Manuscript DOI: 10.1039/C6GC01127F



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China has approved many plants to convert Coal to Methane using the synthesis gas and they intend to use this Methane for both power generation and running vehicles.

Also some of the Methane is converted to Methanol and mixed with gasoline as M15 & M85.

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