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Electrovaya introduces 1 kWh and 48V, 2.3 kWh battery modules

Electrovaya Inc. has introduced a 1kWh battery module (LITACORE1000) and an intelligent 48V, 2.3 kWh module (EV4823) as building blocks for Lithium-ion battery systems.

The LITACORE1000 is a 1 kWh module with integrated voltage and temperature sensors in an aluminum case with laser welded contacts; the module features the Litacell. The EV4823 is a 48V, 2.3 kWh module with an integrated intelligent battery management system (iBMSTM) complete with CANbus communications.

The LITACORE1000. Click to enlarge.

This 48V, 2.3kWh module design allows OEMs to use these modules for applications in energy storage and mobility sectors.

These two products increase Electrovaya’s product line from electrodes, separators and cells to include higher value-added systems.

The new modules offer superior cycle and calendar life and safety properties due to the stability of SEPARION, the flexible ceramic separator membrane, and high quality manufacturing standards. The integrated Litacells use optimized NMC/graphite electrode chemistry.

The 1kWh LITACORE1000 and 2.3 kWh EV4823 intelligent modules are now available to OEMs in Europe, North America and elsewhere, where the market demands highest safety and lowest holistic Lithium ion costs. These products enable OEMs to seamlessly use them as building blocks for lithium ion battery systems for diverse Electric Vehicle and Energy Storage markets and usage will rapidly grow later this year, as these products are qualified by increasing numbers of OEMs.

—Dr. Rajshekar Das Gupta, Vice President Business Development, Electrovaya

Electrovaya designs, develops and manufactures proprietary Lithium-ion Super Polymer batteries, battery systems, and battery-related products for energy storage, clean electric transportation and other specialized applications. Through its wholly owned subsidiary, Litarion GmbH, the company also produces cells, electrodes and SEPARION ceramic separators and has manufacturing capacity of about 500MWh/year.



Not interesting unless you're going to give us more specs guys. Size, weight, cost, etc.


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