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Nissan issued a statement denying the charge made by the Korean Ministry of Environment (MOE) that the Nissan Qashqai sold in S. Korea was arbitrarily setting its engine system to illegally control exhaust emissions.

Jonathan Adashek, Chief Communications Officer at Nissan, asserted that the 814 Nissan Qashqais sold in S. Korea have been correctly homologated as required by the MOE.

As a company that builds some of the world’s best-loved cars, we are proud of our products and our reputation for innovation and quality. We are committed to upholding the law and meeting or exceeding regulations in every market where we operate. Any suggestion that we have not complied with regulations and are illegally controlling gas emissions is wrong.

The testing and conclusions reached by the MOE are inconsistent with those of other regulators who have themselves carried out stringent testing. Authorities in the EU have concluded that the Nissan vehicles they tested—including the Qashqai—were fully compliant with homologation standards.

The Qashqai sold in Korea complies with—and has been homologated to—European Euro 6 standards and Korean regulations permit the importation and sales of vehicles that comply with these standards.

Nissan is disappointed by the statements of the MOE and firmly denies that any wrong doing has taken place. We are in the process of responding to the MOE about their findings and will continue to work transparently with them so they clearly understand the situation regarding the Qashqai’s engine system.

—Jonathan Adashek


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