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ORNL joins Power Electronics Industry Collaborative

Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) has joined the Power Electronics Industry Collaborative (PEIC); PEIC works to accelerate innovation and advocates for investment in new power electronics technologies.

We are excited to be joining PEIC as our respective goals are well aligned especially towards the development and commercialization of next generation high performance power electronics. The availability of more compact, energy efficient components is critical to our progress in electric vehicle charging and traction drive systems.

—Laura Marlino, ORNL’s Director of Vehicle Electrification Partnerships

This prestigious national lab has played a major leadership role in the United States for many years to further engineering and testing of power electronics, especially for clean transportation applications. ORNL’s important new center of excellence in 3D printing will be of great assistance to our members in collectively leveraging the great potential synergies between 3D printing and power electronics.

—Keith Evans, President of PEIC

PEIC is open to any industry-related organization interested in participating.


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