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Nissan lands world’s largest electric taxi fleet deal; 110 new LEAF 30 kWh units to Madrid

Nissan and La Ciudad del Taxi have announced the world’s largest 100% electric taxi fleet deal that will see 110 Nissan LEAF 30 kWh vehicles providing taxi services in Madrid.

Announced at the Madrid Motor Show, the agreement signed between Nissan and La Cuidad del Taxi will introduce electric taxis into the Spanish capital, putting Madrid up there with other like-minded capital cities such as Amsterdam (earlier post), which has taken delivery of 100 Nissan LEAFs and e-NV200s, and Budapest with 65 LEAFs.

The Nissan LEAF has sold more than 220,000 units sold globally. The new LEAF 30 kWh offers a range of up to 250 km (155 miles) on a single charge, making it an ideal taxi vehicle and its size, comfort and performance are well-suited to urban environments. In addition to its zero emission benefits, the Nissan LEAF also offers running costs four times cheaper than that of a conventional combustion engine and up to 40% savings in maintenance costs.

The electric taxi market in Europe is growing quickly as taxi operators switch on the benefits of zero emission mobility. Nissan has sold almost 800 electric vehicles (LEAF and e-NV200) to taxi owners and operators across Europe and the top three markets for Nissan electric taxis include Netherlands, UK and Spain.

The Region of Madrid is demonstrating its commitment to electric mobility, with a grant program scheduled to be presented in June, for which industry professionals including taxi drivers will be eligible. In addition, the Regional Government is Spain has pledged €2 million (US$2.2 million) in support.

Madrid City Council has also confirmed it is ready to install charging infrastructure across the capital.

La Ciudad del Taxi has been operating in the Region of Madrid for more than 10 years and is committed to beginning a change in the taxi industry with the inclusion of 110 electric taxis. Taxi Eléctrico provides all its users with:

  • Trips in 100% electric vehicles.

  • Uniformed drivers.

  • Free Wi-Fi for users.

  • A free app exclusively for electric cars, with a direct relationship between the user and the driver.



Good move by Nissan/Leaf and Madrid taxi services.

A new all electric TEO taxi fleet has been using 50+ e-units (TESLA+NISSAN-LEAF+Hyundai) with very similar services for the last 6+ months and will increase to 200+ units by end of 2017. TEO's owners had to buy a much larger Taxi Company with 600+ units to get the licences required. TEO's uniformed drivers are employees and are paid about C$15/hour + fringe benefits. Users can call for a TEO vehicle with a UBER like application and pay (including Fed+Prov sale taxes) with their Debit/Credit cards. Transactions are automatically sent to the Provincial Revenue who is responsible to collect both taxes. Users get a printed receipt.

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Great job Nissan and La Ciudad del Taxi.
This is a good advertisement for both the companies and every rider will realize how nice the ride is in an Electric car.

While the overnight charge will provide 250 km, the intermittent charges during the lunch & dinner time of the driver will add another 50 km - 100 km.

Ideally the Taxi's can be slow charged during the night and the night time power prices are lower and this also helps the utilities run their power plants at higher capacity factors during the night.

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