U Mich study explores performance of renewable diesel, FT diesel and ULSD in PCCI combustion
Bosch’s new electronic driver assistance system for trams adds collision warning with automatic braking; derived from automotive

SunLine adds first electric buses to fleet; BYD

SunLine Transit Agency, which serves more than 3.5 million passengers annually in the Coachella Valley in California, has added its first all-electric buses, manufactured by BYD.

The 40-ft low-floor transit buses are equipped with BYD-designed and -built iron phosphate batteries, delivering 324 kWh of power that come with a 12 year warranty, the industry’s longest electric battery warranty available. The batteries can run for up to 155 miles of typical urban driving on the service routes with recharging requiring only four hours.

The buses seat 35 and have room for more than 60 standing passengers. The transit agency began testing the vehicle on service routes in January.

SunLine Transit Agency is a joint powers authority formed in 1977 to operate the Coachella Valley’s public transportation system. Its fixed route and paratransit vehicles travel more than 4 million miles per year, covering over 619 bus stops located throughout a 1,120 mile-service area, carrying approximately 4.82 million riders.

SunLine Services Group regulates three taxi franchises who provide taxi services throughout the Valley. SunFuels alternative fueling station offers compressed natural gas and hydrogen for SunLine and the public 24 hours a day, seven days a week.



Good news for BYD, Warren Buffet, California, SunLine Services Group and residents in the area.

Noted that SunFuels supply CNG and H2 at their fueling stations 24 hours/day. I assume that they also supply quick charge facilities for their e-buses?


Buses and bicycles will lead the way to the EV future; followed by short haul and waste trucks...Tesla will lead the way in autos and drive the personal transportation market and the last vehicles to fully electrify will be long haul trucks.

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