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S. Korea to crack down on old diesels, promote alt fuels over PM; targeting 30% EV sales by 2020

Yonhap reported that the South Korean government will toughen restrictions on old diesel vehicles while promoting sales of more environment-friendly cars to address public health concerns over fine particulate matter.

According to Yonhap, a gathering of senior policymakers chaired by Prime Minister Hwang Kyo-ahn decided to take action to make electric vehicles (EVs) account for 30% of all automobile sales by 2020.

The government will also limit access into the Seoul metropolitan area for older, higher-emitting diesels and also shut down coal-powered electric power generation plants that have been in operation for more than 40 years to improve air quality.

Other reported regulatory measures will include restricting the operations of diesel cars depending on air conditions. All diesel buses will be replaced with compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles.


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They need to ban sales of new non-commercial diesels too. They are also very much part of the problem.

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