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Panasonic commercializes conductive polymer hybrid aluminum electrolytic capacitors for automotive use

Panasonic Corporation has developed conductive polymer hybrid aluminum electrolytic capacitors realizing large capacitance and large current in a compact form factor (SMD type), suited for automotive ECUs (Electronic Control Units) power supply circuits of HEV, EV and gasoline-powered vehicles, etc.

The new product enables automotive ECU downsizing with instantaneous large current supply into the power supply circuits, contributing to direct mounting on automotive engine ECUs and electromechanical integration. Panasonic will start mass-producing the new product in Sep. 2016.

Panasonic notes that the increasing numbers of ECUs require increasing levels of electromechanical integration. For capacitors, compact size, large capacity and large current capability are required for the purpose of stabilizing power voltage, and removing noise in ECU power supply circuits.

This new product has the following features:

  • Large capacity in compact size, contributing to ECU downsizing and direct mounting on ECU engines. Dimensions(mm) : diameter 10.0 × height 10.2

  • Static capacitance : 470 µF / 25 VDC; Panasonic’s conventional products: 330 µF / 25 VDC

  • Large current in compact size, contributing to instantaneous large current supply for motor driving: Ripple current: 2800 mArms. Panasonic’s conventional products: 2000 mArms.


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